"Lead with your heart,
and don’t let fear get in the way."

Wendy Pitts Reeves

Does Your Business Make You Happy?

This is how it starts.

We decide somewhere along the way to open a business.

Perhaps it’s because we want...

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What Systems Can Do for a Creative Like You

Creative people thrive on chaos.

Or sometimes it feels that way, anyway.

If you lean towards being a right-brained creative (and many entrepreneurs...

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5 Magic Words That Will Help Your Business

And it wasn’t the first time.

More than once, I’ve had someone say to me at some networking...

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How to Set – and Reach – Your Income Goals This Year [Download Included]

She was ready for something more.

We’d been working together about a year at that point, and she’d made tremendous progress....

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Stop Apologizing (Be. Who. You. Are.)

I wrote this a long time ago. Recently, I’ve realized how much of an issue this continues to be for so many people I know....

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The Story Behind the Story: Why Confidence Is My Word of the Year

We all have our issues. :)

And when my Word of the Year showed up, it pointed out one of my own that I didn’t even realize I...

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Want to Give Your Business a Check Up? Here’s How.

For real.

I could start with the 25 empty notebooks in every size and color, stacks of vinyl...

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Choosing a Target Market is Harder Than It Looks

“When are you going to be satisfied?”, he asked.

My husband was frustrated. We’d been perfectly happy in that little...

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Allowing Your Word to Find You

And it’s all you need.

ONE word to lean in to, work with, listen to, learn from – for the ...

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What to Do About Set-Backs and Settled-For’s

It was a good thing I could see her.

It was our first coaching session, and whenever I start with a new client, I like to meet with them...

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