Episode 15. A Roadmap for Your Big Idea: How to Start a Private Practice for Cancer Survivors

Not long ago, someone in my private Facebook group asked: How do I start a private practice where I can serve those dealing with cancer?

And today, I’m sharing a deceptively simple answer to that BIG question.

Think of this as the roadmap for your Big Idea. It’s a step by step process I’ve used for years to turn courage into confidence, and do anything BIG I didn’t think I could do.

Starting a practice. Roaming overseas. Running for office. Creating a course. Giving a talk.

Every time a desire felt beyond me and I had no idea where to start, I’ve use this exact process to move through my own fear and into action. Today, I’m sharing the whole thing with you.

It’s a quick trip through a big concept, but the road map works.

See what you think.

Maybe it’s time to take action on YOUR Big Idea.


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