Got a problem in your practice that you need to solve? Have an idea you want to try but don't know where to start?

Let's fix that.

Here's the deal. Quick Start Consults work. These unique stand-alone Zoom sessions give you access to high quality coaching without the expense of a full blown coaching commitment. Why? Because I'm serious about your success.

So we don't just talk about your business.

We work on it.



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With JUST this special stand-alone 90-minute highly-focused consult we could:

✓ Re-write your Psychology Today profile
Plan the opening of your first private practice
Get clear on your ideal client and who you really want to serve
Review your pricing and payment systems (and raise your rates)
Design your first package
Map out a group, retreat, course or workshop you want to offer
Develop a networking strategy to increase referrals
Sketch out copy for a rack card or other marketing collateral
Draft potential lead magnets for your website
Outline a trademark talk
Explore pesky mindset blocks that could prevent your success

Or work together on any one of countless other tasks, projects or ideas you're exploring as a business owner.

You'll Come Prepared

The work begins before we meet, with the Quick Start Clarity Tool. This little bit of required - but easy! - homework will help you get super clear about how you want to use our time together. 

My clients tell me that just doing this exercise is powerful, because for many it's the first time they've ever taken the time to really think about their business and what they are creating.

You'll Leave with a Plan

What we do and how far we get depends on the complexity of what you want to work on. You can't get it all done with one 90-minute work session. Growing a business takes time. 

But you'll be amazed at what we CAN do. No matter what it is, you will leave with a strategy in mind and action steps in hand to right away move your practice - and your dreams - forward.

There's a reason you're overwhelmed. Seriously.

Being your own boss is exciting for sure, but lord-have-mercy it's a LOT. Suddenly you're wearing all the hats: customer service, tech support, marketing. And then there's dealing with all the mess around money - which is tough too.

This isn't really what you signed up for, was it? 

You spend so much time with your head down, seeing clients, returning calls, just trying to get through the day without losing your mind. 

Who has time to do what it takes to move your business forward? 

You do - with the focus, accountability and support that a Quick Start Consult provides. 

I need this. Sign me up.

"Wendy helped me nail down the details as well as identify some internal blocks that were coming up."

I came up with the nugget of an idea of how to address this issue and provide a higher level of support and accountability for my folks. Then had a meeting with my amazing business coach, Wendy Pitts Reeves, who helped me nail down the details as well as identify some internal blocks that were coming up. The self-work is never done, am I right?! And now I am launching what I feel is a robust supervision program that goes beyond meeting with supervisees for an hour a few times per month...." 

- Meghan Rasnake, LCSW

Still not sure? Watch this quick video to learn more.

Let's do this.

Ready to go? 

Getting started is easy. Just click on the button below. You'll be taken to my scheduling site, where you'll be able to find a time that works for you, make your payment, and grab your spot on the calendar. Once that's done, we'll reach out with next steps, and we're on our way. 

All forward movement begins with a dream, and a decision. 

And I can't wait to work with you.

I'm ready.