Episode 12. Make More Money. Do More Good. How Bonnie Barclay Tripled Her Rates, Increased Her Impact, and Built a Thriving Private Practice

It’s a story I have heard before, how one exhausted, heart centered healer gives everything she has. How, over and over again, she’s there for her clients, there for her family, but not always there for herself. 

But today, you get to meet someone who changed all that.

In fact, she’s moved from no control over who she saw, or how she worked, or what she could charge - to a thriving practice that she thoroughly enjoys, with open space in her day, and energy for her life.

And that happened when she got clear about what she wanted,
and gave herself permission to create it. 

Today, she serves clients in a completely new way that just, well, works - in every way.

In today’s episode, my first interview here on the podcast, you’ll get to hear from Bonnie, an LCSW in a relatively new private practice, who’s figuring out how to create HER version of an Ideal Practice.

As she said, "To be a good helper, we have to be a healed helper." 

I just finished listening to this episode again and I am blown away by all that we can learn from her experience.

In this episode, you’ll hear: 

  • what happened when she kept seeing people in person during the pandemic 
  • how her skills as a clinician evolved as she discovered her true passion
  • why a solo practice wasn’t right for her, and what she’s building instead
  • how her personal growth has turned into a win for her clients and colleagues, for her bank account, for her life, and most recently, for her community.

We also talked about why she had to buy the cherry AND the strawberry Twizzlers. :)

Bonnie is walking a path that you can too. It hasn’t all been easy - but I think she’d tell you that it has all been worth it. And today, after tripling her rates and seeing her caseload get even stronger, she knows it’s the RIGHT path, for her.

Perhaps you’ll be inspired to do the same. 


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