"Lead with your heart,
and don’t let fear get in the way."

Wendy Pitts Reeves

How to Cope When You (Really) Screw Up

And although I no longer remember her name, I’ve never forgotten her.

I’d only been in private practice...

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Set Boundaries. Be Happy

She had a client who was absolutely draining her energy, and finally did something...

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Seven Marketing Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

That long-standing bit of business wisdom is true. If you’re not sure what I mean by that, think...

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Why Not Caring About Money is a Mistake

Susan, my bookkeeper, smiled at me, as we sat outside at a little...

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How to Step In to the Energy of Marketing

It’s not really that hard.

Once you start thinking like a marketer, you’ll see opportunities to spread the good word about your...

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How to Make the Most of Any Speaking Opportunity

It starts weeks, if not months, before, though many speakers don’t realize that.


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Why You Need to Be Out There Speaking

“The buzz in the room was infectious…”

…That’s what one fellow said after a talk I gave recently to a group of...

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Being an Entrepreneur isn’t for the Faint of Heart…

…all the way across the Atlantic, to Ireland.

And I got here by following the same...

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The Twelve Steps, Adapted for Entrepreneurs

This week, I’m speaking to an outstanding group of entrepreneurs in Dublin, Ireland, about three power...

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Why Travel Is Good for Your Brain, and Your Business

Airports are too slow. Too crowded. Too this. Too that.

But me? I love...

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