"Lead with your heart,
and don’t let fear get in the way."

Wendy Pitts Reeves

How to get yourself to do what (you think) you cannot do.

Oh my gosh – now what do you do?

Now that you’ve made that decision.

Now that you’ve declared your Intent to...

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The Quickest Way to Calm When You Feel Like Freaking Out

That queasy, jittery feeling that suddenly shows up somewhere in your body.

It may be a tinging in your head and...

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Overwhelmed?: 3 Ways To Get Business Back on Track When Chaos Kicks In

There was a series of hellacious storms in our area, with tornadoes and massive rain. And even though my house...

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The One Thing That Could Stop You in Your Tracks

You take that huge step in what I used to call the Scared Strong formula.

You make The Decision.


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A harpist, a gardener, & a bookkeeper walked into a bar…

Of course, the bar was in a hotel, and we were really just popping in for something to eat after a very...

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This is my business mantra. (What’s yours?)

In a helicopter.

It was a psychiatric hospital, with a nice patch of grass between the main building and the...

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When It’s Time to Grow: Breathe, Believe & Build.

So last week, I made a big decision about my business. And I...

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7 Steps to Knowing (& Loving) Your Ideal Client

And when you opened the doors to your business, you were bursting with excitement about all the ways that...

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How to Find (& Keep) Perfect Photos for Your Blog Posts

Perhaps. But if it is, photos are definitely Queen. :)

Of course what you have to say should...

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What a Big Business Like Starbucks Can Teach a Tiny Business Like Yours

Not that we had won, because there is never a finish...

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