Mind the Gap (and Watch Your Step!)

“Mind the gap!” they say.

If you’ve ever been on a subway in London, the “Tube” or “Underground” as it’s called there, you’ve probably heard that phrase, tossed out with a friendly smile as you step on and off the train.

It’s a reminder to watch the space between the station platform, where you get on and off, and the train door.  In America when a similar situation presents itself, we usually say, “Watch your step!

I think both phrases apply as we move into a new year.

There is a spiritual, a physical, an elemental gap, between the old year, and the new. 

That space may be the few seconds it takes to rip December off of your calendar and welcome January’s shiny new schedule.  Or it may be the rush of exhilaration we feel as we countdown the last ten seconds before shouting, “Happy New Year!” 

And I want you to mind that gap.  

 Consciously say good-bye to, and appreciate, 2018.  What did you accomplish?  What did you learn?  Who did you meet?  What one word would describe your last year?

Then, with purpose and appreciation, welcome 2019. 

Imagine the new experiences you’ll have this year, and the people you’ll meet next. In the midst of this sacred time, when everything is new and anything is possible, what do you want to accomplish? Who do you want to Be? How will you choose to Live? 

What one word describes how you feel about possibilities and opportunities you’re going to create, discover and enjoy this year?

Then, watch your step. 

It’s no secret that many people have a tough time throughout the holidays.  It’s easy to focus on what we don’t have, when we see others who seem to have, or get, everything they want. 

And I’m not just talking about possessions, either.  As healers, I know you get this. This is also a time for love and family and it can be challenging for people who don’t have enough of either. 

And that’s why we need to watch our step.  By definition, if you are stepping, you are moving, as in forward.  And things will only get better. Don’t forget that. It’s important.

So take time for a little review of 2018.

Celebrate what you loved.

Let go of what you didn’t.

Then step away from it.

This gap between years may last a millisecond in real time.  But in our hearts and heads, it can last for days or weeks.  I’ve worked with people who didn’t get caught up to the new year until February.  They weren’t ready to step.

The fact that you are reading this makes me believe you are ready, excited even, to move ahead.  If you’ve been following here for the past few weeks, you should have a plan – or be well on your way to having one anyway – for 2019.   

(And if you need help turning that plan into action, reach out for a strategy call, and let’s talk about whether you might be ready for coaching.)

You’ve set aside time for tending to the “doing” in your life – family, work, and obligations.  Hopefully, you’ve set aside time for “being”, for reflecting and feeling – through exercise, meditation, and self-care. 

Now, it’s time to act. You’ve gotten clarity on what you want to achieve in the coming year, right? If not, take some time to do that.


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