How to Clean Up the Money Mess in Our Heads


Talk about conflicted.

When we set out to open a practice offering our services to the world, we couldn’t wait to do all the great things we planned to do. Helping people heal their own bodies. Teaching people how to have better relationships. Guiding people into better lives.

We never even thought about money.

In fact, we thought that breaking free from the tyranny a J.O.B. meant we would finally be able to do good things the way we knew they should be done, and heck – the money would be fine. We couldn’t care less about that.

What a surprise.

Turns out, it doesn’t quite work that way.

In today’s video, you’ll hear about 5 really frustrating and way-too-common thought patterns that totally prevent us from reaching the kind of success we dream of.

I’ll share some completely different ways of looking at those in your practice.

And you’ll hear about one of the few fights my dad and I I ever had when I was in high school. He was really frustrated with me – but it wasn’t for the reasons you’d think.




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