"Lead with your heart,
and don’t let fear get in the way."

Wendy Pitts Reeves

There’s a Cricket in My Skillet, and Other Joys of Camping

No, I’m not into eating weird things. :)

 Just found the little guy when I pulled out a skillet to cook a little breakfast over the...

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Put your lips to the world…

The other day I told you I was heading out to do a little exploring, in anticipation of our June 21 Not-So-Secret Adventure Weekend....

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The Joys – and Dangers – of ‘Sploring

I’m going ‘sploring today.

That’s what we’d call it when the kids were little. Their dad and I would gather them up, grab a...

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5 Ways to Face the Fear Monster

Where do you find the courage to do those things that scare you the most?

I’ve been thinking about that. I talk to women every day who push...

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Do You Know a Courageous Woman?

I do.

Lots of them. Several of them, like Carolyn,  piled into kayaks with me on a sunny afternoon last fall, even when they were...

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Special Mother-Daughter Secret Adventure, Saturday, May 19

My team and I are hosting all kinds of fun events each month. My daughter, Maiah (that’s her in the picture)  calls them Field...
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What’s the Scariest Thing You’ve Ever Done?

Think about it.

Was it standing up to a bully in 7th grade? Going for your first job interview? Buying your first house? Having your first child?...

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To Face a Fear, Name a Fear

Remember that “No Fear”logo that seemed to pop up on the back of every teen-driven pick-up truck a few years back?

Every time I...

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MARK YOUR CALENDAR – because I’ve got a really special event planned for you this summer!
You’re going to be invited...
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Becky’s Beautiful Crazy-Easy Strawberry Cake

It’s good to be blogging again. I did that pretty consistently back when I served on the local county commission, finding it a great way to...

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