Scatter Joy…

It was taken last summer as I led one of the last Secret Adventures for Courageous Women. We were heading up to Virginia for a 4 day campout, and stopped at the Virginia Welcome Center to grab a little “Love” and start the weekend right.

Recently, I’ve been listening to recordings of teachers like Wayne Dyer, Abraham Hicks and others, who have much to share about the power of love, and “pure positive energy” in our ability to create the world we desire.

So when I heard about the events in Paris this week, I couldn’t help but wonder what they would teach about a time like this.

One thing I’ve heard them say, is that often when we experience what we don’t want, the clearer we get about what we do want as well. And that clarity is the beginning of the process in which we create what we desire.

That makes sense to me. When I’m coaching my clients about how to create the small business or private practice of their dreams, sometimes they, too, have to begin building their vision by thinking about what they don’t want first.

So with all of the sadness that so many have experienced in events like those of this week, I can’t help but wonder if our desire to seek, and create, the kind of world we do want could grow stronger.

It is so easy for our first response to those attacks to be one of anger, even rage.

And goodness knows I get that.

But perhaps, just as easily, our desire for peace, love, and tolerance grows stronger too. Perhaps our longing for a better understanding of each other, for a more connected world that understands and even celebrates diversity grows stronger too.

Perhaps our weariness with anger moves us to create a powerful vibration that is our deeper longing for joy.

I’d like to think so, anyway.

So this week, I’m not going to post one of the articles I’d usually share here.

Instead, I want to ask you, in whatever way you can, to scatter joy.

Instead of listening to the news, listen to music that makes you sing.

Instead of going over and over how terrible things are in the world, point out to each other something beautiful you saw on your way to work this morning.

Instead of giving in to fear, watch your favorite funny videos or have a tickle fest with your kids or just revel in the pleasure of a Sunday afternoon nap.

I’m going to ask you to feel your way into a positive emotion, one of appreciation, both for those who are easy to love, and for those who aren’t – but who teach us so much.

Do this for everyone in your own life, and for those around the world. (Sometimes, that can be hard to do, but it is worth the effort.)

Next week, we’ll get back to business.

But for now, let’s see if we can shift the vibration of our entire planet.  

Wishing you a world of peace, and a heart that finds joy…

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