"Lead with your heart,
and don’t let fear get in the way."

Wendy Pitts Reeves

“The Path to Power is Changing”: 10 Rules for Emerging Women Leaders

It’s been a rough week in too many places around the world. Massive outbreaks of anger and unrest, much of it fueled by confusion and...

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LIFE APPS from the ORCHARD, Part 3: A Little Sauce Sweetens the Deal

Life is sweeter when you add a little sauce. :) That might mean adding a little extra to a recipe. It might mean adding a little extra to...

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LIFE APPS from the ORCHARD, Part 1: Unplugging is Delicious

“Modern” life is crazy, isn’t it?

Cell phones. Email. iPads and Kindles. That vague unease you get when you realize you left your...

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Finding The Courage to Speak Your Truth: Another Baby Step

Courage turns into Confidence when you do the things you think you can not do.

And that means being who you really are


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What to Expect: The Enraging, Engaging Art of Self-Awareness

So have you started paying attention?

That is, have you been doing your homework? I challenged you to become a student of your Self, paying...

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Courage in Action: 53 Years and Counting

It was 53 years ago today that Daddy took Mama to be his lawfully wedded wife, in sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer.

They were just...

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Are you an Emotional Liar? : A Baby Step Towards Becoming the Honest Person You Think You Already Are

If someone called you a liar, you’d want to slap ’em.

Because you never lie. Right?

(Well, except to be kind when your friend...

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What’s Challenging YOUR Good Girl Intentions?

I should be so EFF’n grateful right now!”

Her words startled me, but not because they came from such a classy, beautiful woman...

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Life Apps from the River, Part 3: PROTECT YOURSELF

This is the last in my series on powerful lessons from the river at last week’s Secret Adventure for Courageous Women. We were treated...

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