"Lead with your heart,
and don’t let fear get in the way."

Wendy Pitts Reeves

Money is Energy (and Why Yours Matters Even More Than You Think)

“Goodness! You must have one heck of a block about this…”

That’s what my friend, a financial coach, said when I...

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Small Business Growth: Is Yours a Toddler, a Teen or a Wise Elder?

How ‘old’ does your business feel?

Not you – your business. It’s an odd question, I know, but I’ll bet you...

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10 Questions That Show How Far You’ve (Really!) Come

Hard to believe we just turned the corner into a brand new year.


And even though we complain about how fast time goes, we still...

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Mind the Gap (and Watch Your Step!)

“Mind the gap!” they say.

If you’ve ever been on a subway in London, the “Tube” or “Underground” as...

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Now is the Time: Plan to Plan

These mid-winter days are precious.

Here in the States, we are gearing up for a full week of religious and cultural celebrations that cover just...

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Planning Tools: What’s Best for You?

I was ready.

I’d rented a cabin for the weekend. Sitting at the kitchen table, my coffee cup was close by. In front of me was a wall with...

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Why Planning Your Time is Worth Your Time

Here’s a weird little secret of mine.

I LOVE opening up a brand new calendar.

Because nothing gets me going like a new planner with all those...

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Spread the Word (About How Awesome You Are!)

Hey – it ain’t braggin’ if it’s true. 

That’s what I say to clients who argue with me when I tell them to gather...

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Two (Easy!) Ways to Get That Perfect Testimonial

“I can write that for you if you’d like…”

That’s what I said when an outstanding client – and a busy one...

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How to Store (& Retrieve) Those Handy Testimonials

Where in the world did I put that note?

It was really sweet, something a client had sent just a few months ago – and I knew I could use it.


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