Episode 54. Overcoming Fears: How This 'Messy Mama' of 3 Built a Successful Private Practice

If you met her on the street, you’d never know how much Sarah McNamara has had to work through over the past few years to grow her business, nor how much she’s grown inside.

All you might see is a sweet therapist with a dazzling smile, who is now the successful owner of a group practice specializing in perinatal mental health services for those journeying to and through the many challenges of motherhood.

But there is so much more to her story.

As a self described ‘messy mother of 3’,  Sarah’s first priority has always been about being there for her little ones. So when the urge hit to begin a private practice, she had a LOT of fears about how that would impact her family. She reached out to me for coaching, and I don’t think she’s looked back since. :)

Through our work together and beyond, I’ve had the privilege of witnessing her journey through each phase of her personal and  business growth, including…

  • Starting a small practice on the side, while working a full time hospital job and being mom to three young ones. 
  • Moving from there into a full time, insurance based practice, and then…
  • Making the shift away from insurance into a full time private pay practice, and then…
  • Stepping into the CEO role of a full-service group practice meeting the needs of women on their journey “to and through” motherhood,

I am immensely proud of the work Sarah has done and continues to do. With clarity, courage and conviction she just keeps bringing more good to her family, to herself, to her clients, and to her community. If you ask me, THIS is what it's all about.

Made me cry, people - and I was there!

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Sarah is the Clinical Director and co-owner of “Ready Nest Knoxville” in Knoxville, TN. She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Certified in Perinatal Mental Health. As a mother by birth and adoption, she is no stranger to the messy journey to and through motherhood. Inspired by the many strong women and teachers who have poured into her throughout her life and career, it is her true passion to walk alongside women and families in pursuit of meaningful connection with themselves, their people and world.



In today’s episode, Sarah talked about how she has repeatedly found herself in a place where she was more afraid NOT to push forward and to grow than she was to stay where she was.

>>> When in your life, or your work, have you felt like you almost had no choice but to face a fear, and push forward - no matter what? <<<



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