Episode 48. Lighten Up and Enjoy the Money You Make! My Conversation with Linzy Bonham

Linzy Bonham, host of the podcast, Money Skills for Therapists, has noticed a new pattern among the therapists she coaches - and it’s not one I expected to hear her talk about.

She says too many of us are living from fear, holding a little too tightly to the money we earn, choking off the flow of abundance and blocking our own joy.

And - perhaps - it’s time to lighten up just a little.

Don’t think that’s you? Maybe you should listen to this.

In our conversation, you’ll hear…

  • How to think about the energy you want money to bring into your life.
  • The difference between spending, and hoarding…
  • How to prepare for an uncertain future, while still living your life right now.

And why it’s important to allow yourself the joy of anticipation. :)

This one will make you think. 

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