How to Clear Your Creative Pipes

Do you even HAVE a desk?

And if you do, can you find it? Or is it buried under a pile of papers a foot thick?

How about the kitchen table? :)

Most of my clients are super creative people with more ideas than anyone could implement in a single lifetime. With minds that are constantly creating, their outsides often mirror their insides, reflecting a whirlwind of activity that never, ever stops.

They are master problem solvers. Most of them are quick starts who can take an impossible problem, come up with a solution that sounds crazy, take action on it lickety split and – POOF! – have a whole new product, program or service in place to get you just what you need.

Pretty great stuff, don’t you think?

The problem is that sometimes, all that creative juice leaves a lot of chaos in it’s wake.

And sometimes, it’s just easier to create something new, than it is to clean up and work with what you’ve already got.

Ahhhh… the sweet smell of Distraction. 

Don’t buy in to the myth.

There is a myth that all artists do their best work in a big messy studio. And since you’re en entrepreneur, that is, an artist, you may be tempted to buy into that tired old myth too.


When your desk and work space is drowning in paper, that mess impacts your effectiveness.

You are less productive. You spend waaaay too much time looking for what you need. You have to keep moving to other parts of the house or office to find yet another uncluttered place to work. You create new piles everywhere you go.

And your creative flow clogs up. (Yes, I’m speaking from experience!)

Eventually, even your ability to think gets a little muddy. It’s harder to write, to create content, fine tune systems, or monitor operations. It’s harder to hold a clear vision of what you are building.

Sometimes, your energy gets so blocked, the whole thing grinds to a halt, and your business almost dies.

That’s when it’s time to clear your creative pipes.

And the very first step towards getting the flow going again, is clearing the clutter in your office.

I know, I know. You have more important things to do, right? Wrong.

If you’ve ever worked with an acupuncturist or an energy healer, then you know that feeling of ease that comes after a session. It’s absolutely delicious to feel the energy flowing freely through your body again.

You can feel that difference, even if you can’t explain it.

The same thing happens when you clear out your work space.

Need a little help? Find a feng shui consultant. Or hire a professional organizer. I’ve worked with both, and have been blown away by the difference they can make.

If you can’t do that, choose one small section to clear first. See how that feels, then keep going.  (By the way, there’s a lot of buzz about a new book by Japanese organizer, Marie Kondo. Click here to check that out.)

Clean your desk to clear your mind.

Because here’s the thing.

Even when you’re used to it, clutter really is a drain on your energy. It’s like driving with one foot on the gas, and the other foot resting just ever so slightly on the brake at the same time. You may not notice it, but there is a drag on your engine, and your forward momentum is held back.

When you create a clear visual space that is pleasing to your eye and your way of working, you will notice a genuine difference in how you feel – physically and mentally.

And with that clarity, you’ll feel a real boost in energy – and effectiveness.

So, what step can you take this week to create a beautiful, clear space for doing your best work?

Photo Credit: Jun AOYAMA on Flickr


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