Money is Energy (and Why Yours Matters Even More Than You Think)

“Goodness! You must have one heck of a block about this…”

That’s what my friend, a financial coach, said when I told her about the latest hit to my budget.

Just weeks earlier, I was on top of the world. My income had practically doubled, I’d finally gotten clear about my business, and life was coming together in a beautiful way.

Then, in no time at all, a series of events brought me right back to the status quo. With a weird combination of natural disasters, fender benders and financial snafus, I’d ridden the roller coaster from just getting by, to flying high, back to…

Yeah. That.

Hey, life happens, right? That’s just the way it is. No one ever really gets ahead anyway, do they? Not ‘people like us’, anyway, right? (Whatever that means.)


But her reaction made me think. The truth was that there was little I could have done to avoid that series of setbacks. None of them was my ‘fault’; none of them seemed to be in my control.

So there was nothing I could do about it, right?

At the same time, I stumbled on a video posted by a well-known coach who was talking about the concept that money is energy, and her point hit home immediately.

Essentially, she said this.

If you’re sending mixed signals to the Universe,
you’ll get mixed signals back. 

I know – pretty ‘woowoo’ stuff.

She called that a ‘chaotic vibration’, and said it would lead to ‘chaotic results’. And although I’d heard that concept before, this time it really clicked.

In short, she said, in order for real success – and wealth – to come your way, three things have to be in total alignment: your thoughts, your beliefs, and your actions.

Instantly, I knew what the problem was.

Let’s look at those one at a time.

First – your thoughts.

When you think about anything related to money, what kind of thoughts come up? Most people will say, “Well heck, I want more money, of course!

But what else is there?

For example, are you comfortable with making a profit?  Even that word makes many a healing arts provider wince. If your thoughts are “I just want to break even.” or “I don’t want to be rich…”, then you’re out of alignment.

Do you think you’re worth the investment your clients make in their work with you? If not, then you’re out of alignment.

Next – your beliefs.

You might think these are the same thing, but they aren’t.

For example, if you think you want more money (and lots of it!), but secretly believe all wealthy people are scumbags, then you’re out of alignment.

If you think your clients should be paying more, but believe your colleagues are greedy when they raise their prices, you’re out of alignment.

Be hyper alert to those little niggling voices in the back of your head that whisper mean things when good money comes to you, or to those around you.

They’ll undo your success every time.

Then – your actions.

If you think your clients should pay you more, and believe you are worth it, but let them get away without paying what they owe, you are out of alignment.

If you think your skills and experience are really beneficial to the world, and believe that you have a gift for what you do, but haven’t raised your prices in five years, you’re out of alignment.

If you think that self-care is critical for your clients, and believe that they can heal with healthy practices, but work 60 hours a week yourself – you are out of alignment.

Get it?

Any time these three things do NOT line up in your heart, your mind and your practice, you will sabotage your own success.

Every. Time. Consciously or unconsciously.

Been there. Done that. Got the t-shirt.

Once I really understood that, though, things began to shift for me in a huge way. Today, my business (and my success) flow with greater ease than ever before – but I still have to watch out for chaotic vibrations.

If you’re out of alignment and stuck, reach out to me, or post a question below. Maybe I can help.

But if you know that money really is just energy, and you make sure your thoughts, beliefs AND actions line up, your energy will really flow.

And amazing things will begin happening for you too.

I am sure of it.


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