The Single Decision That Changed My Life

Hey there!

I don’t know about you, but I am still in recovery mode from the week of Thanksgiving. Forget all that good stuff like turkey and dressing and green bean casserole. It’s the deep dish apple pie and homemade vanilla Bluebell ice cream I can’t seem to stay away from. ;)

How about you? Did you have a lifelong favorite from last week that you’re still dipping into? I hope so!

But while you’re making our way through the leftovers, you might also be reflecting a bit on where things are headed. And to help, here you’ll find one video, one quote, one idea, and one thing you might want to try.

Here’s your 11:11 for today.


Sharing a personal story today about a tough time in my life, and the crazy decision I made as I worked my way through it.

That ONE decision changed everything.

Could it change things for you too?


I haven't had a ‘worst business decision’,
because I believe all things work together for good.
— Tyler Perry


As an entrepreneur, I believe you are hard wired for growth.

What that looks like will vary from one person to another, but there’s a good chance you are restless, creative, a problem solver… and a bit of an adventurer at heart.

Am I right?

That means that what sounds like a crazy idea to someone else, will feel perfectly reasonable to you. It means that what looks like failure to someone else looks like learning to you.

It means that your adventuresome spirit is always calling you forward into what’s Next.

And if you’re not sure what Next looks like, you might try trusting the Universe, and just saying yes, to whatever opportunities come your way.

No telling what you’ll discover.


So, this might be a bit of a stretch - but it’s what’s coming to mind for me today. :)

What if you try trusting?

Trusting that your idea is a good one.

Trusting that things have a way of working out.

Trusting that the clients who are right for you really do want to hear from you.

Trusting that when you make an offer, those ‘right clients’ will want to buy from you.

Trusting that a ‘no’ may just be a ‘not yet’.

Trusting that when something doesn’t work it doesn’t mean it’s not worth doing.

Trusting that you can learn what you need to learn as a business owner.

Trusting that whatever is next, right around the bend, is even better than you can imagine.

What could shift if you could find your way to that kind of space?

Hit reply and talk to me. Where are you learning to trust?

Sending so much love,


P.S. Like you, I have my wobbly moments - moments when I doubt everything. But they are just moments. They’ll pass. And because I’ve been through enough of them at this point, I know I’ll be okay. You will too. Trust that.



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