How Do You Define Wealth?

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When I think about what it means to design my own version of an Ideal Practice, many different factors rise in importance. Who I work with. What I get paid. And how often I can sneak away for a week in our camper, Aggie [email protected].

Last week was one of those weeks. We spent several days in Nashville, working & camping on the shores of a lake nearby, in what was one of the nicest campgrounds I think I've ever stayed in. This picture was from our campsite.

Sweet, yes? That’s my perfect version of an #IdealPractice, y’all.

What’s your’s?

This week, I’ve got all kinds of good things for you!

Below, you’ll find one video, one quote, one idea, and an announcement!

Here’s your 11:11 for today.


I’ll bet no matter where you went to grad school or how excellent the training you've had, there was one thing your teachers never talked about when it came to the healing professions. There’s always one subject that was just too uncomfortable, even in a field where you could literally talk about almost anything. And what was that? Wealth. Money. As in - making it. ;)

It’s time to change that.

Today’s video is the first in a new series where we are exploring the *concept* of wealth. What is it? How do you feel about it? And what happens inside when I ask you to even think about it? 🤔

If you’re already a little squirmy, this series might be JUST the thing you need.

Here’s part one.



Your business is a living breathing thing.
It has energy, a soul, its own place in the world.
And when that energy feels stuck,
youre being called to get things moving again.
- Wendy Pitts Reeves



What if it’s possible that you can do good things, in a good way, and make good money at the same time?

And if your first thoughts are that that’s just asking way too much, I invite you to examine those thoughts, and be curious about them.

Why couldn’t that be true??? What stops it?



BIG ANNOUNCEMENT HERE! [megaphone emoji?]

This week I’m doing something I’ve NEVER done before. Over the next week, I am going to be coming to you LIVE with a 3 part training series called ATTITUDE: Abundant!

If you've ever found yourself struggling to make ends meet - even with all your experience and a caseload full of loyal clients - this series is for you.

If you catch yourself resenting clients who pay half your rate - even though their discounts were your idea in the first place - this series is for you.

And if you’re creating good cash flow and making a healthy living - but feel guilty every time someone says yes to your higher fees - this is for YOU, too.

👉I’ll show you why in the world this is SO common among healing arts professionals, how it hurts us AND our clients, and what needs to change. (This kind of thinking is rampant in the healing professions, and I’m pretty tired of it!)

💸I’ll teach you (at least) 3 ways to stop losing money, increase your income and step into the flow of money energy. (One of these is especially fun.)

💡And I’ll tell you exactly what it takes to clean up your own money mindset so you can stop getting in your own way, and step confidently into a more profitable - and enjoyable - practice.

It’s all free, but it starts this Thursday, so don’t hesitate.

Click here to register.

Come hang out with me for less than an hour.

I’d LOVE to see you there! 


P.S. ATTITUDE: Abundant!, where I’ll be teaching LIVE over the next week on Facebook, will feel soooo good to you! If you need to clear space on your schedule to attend, do it. Aren’t you worth it???



Received from a student last summer. I love this so much!

The exercise of clarifying our dreams and especially 'why it matters' was powerful for me. It helped me get clearer that helping others, while usually a goal of any work I do, was not the first thing that came up. The first thing that came up had to do with working less and earning had to do with my well-being and that's usually not even in the discussion! So it was a lovely surprise to find out that was the primary reason for moving to full-time private practice.”


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