Episode 10. How To Become a Networking Ninja (Even if You’re an Introvert)…

(You’ll want to take notes with this one, y’all.)

Do you HATE small talk? 

Does just the thought of getting out to do a little networking, meeting colleagues for coffee, making new professional contacts - make you want to lock the office door and hide behind your couch (or maybe under your massage table)? 

Well I have good news. Because I myself am an EXTREME introvert, I’ve had to develop my own strategies for networking that made it work for me.  

And in this week’s episode, I’ll teach you - yes, even the most hard core introverts among you - how to become a Networking Ninja. 

Not even kidding.

In this episode you’ll learn: 

  •  [13:52] How to prepare - strategically AND energetically - before attending any kind of networking function so that you get out of it what you really want. 
  •  [20:18] Three questions to answer for yourself before you walk in the door.
  •  [24:11] What to do during the event so you’ll have deeper, more meaningful conversations with people you genuinely enjoy. 
  •  [27:38] My all time favorite tip for getting through any kind of small-talk, mix ’n’ mingle gathering of any kind.
  •  [32:11] What to do the minute you get back to your car or hotel room. :)
  •  [34:12] How to make it all worth it with a structured follow up plan.

This is a full blown training, my friends, so I went a little longer today. 

Check it out, learn how to do this - and conquer those networking nerves for good.


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