Episode 11. Want to Fill Your Practice Fast? Get to Know These 5 People.

You need referrals. Right?

You’ve done all the things. Got your license. Set up an office. Opened a bank account for all the income you’re about to create. Printed a few business cards. You might even have a website up. 

Yay for you! 

Now - you’re ready for the phone to ring with all those clients you can’t wait to serve. 

But hang on a minute - how do you make THAT happen? 

Turns out, all you really need are what I call the Fab Five - a few key relationships, with a few key people in your town, who know you, like you, trust you, can count on you. People who know who you serve and why you do what you do. People who know how good you are.

But these have to be real relationships, my friend. You know - with real people, in real time. :) 

Lucky for you, relationships come easy. You get people. You read people. You know how to connect with people. And that skill, which you were born with, will come in handy here. 

The key is making sure you’re connecting with the right people - and just 5 of them! 

In today’s episode, I’ll tell you who those people are, why you need them, and how knowing them can help you fill your practice - fast.


P.S. Here’s a little homework.  As soon as you finish listening to this episode - make a list of who these Fab 5 are in YOUR life. Then take out your calendar and make an appointment with yourself to reach out to each of them. Tell them about your practice - and soon.



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