Episode 13 [BONUS] Why I Took a 2-Hour Lunch - and the Case for White Space in Your Calendar

I took the day off on Wednesday. 

See, this is my birthday week, and I like to do something special if I can. So I spent the day in my favorite way, huffing along through the woods with my boots and my stick, on a rocky, beautiful, high-up trail in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Could I have used that day to work on the podcast?  Of course I could.

Could I have scheduled clients instead? Served them well? Made some money? Of course I could.

But I have always been a firm believer that one of the main reasons I ever started a business to begin with, was so that I had control over my time, and the freedom to TAKE time when I wanted to.

I work hard - always have - but that doesn’t mean I work 24/7.

And neither should you. 

I thought about you a lot while I hiked.  On a Wednesday.  So much in fact that I decided to create this little bonus episode for you all - and I have a suggestion.

Do yourself a favor: take an actual lunch break.

Just listening to this episode gives you plenty of time to have a bite, catch your breath, maybe take a quick walk or a big stretch, and THEN settle back in to an afternoon of business building, client serving, impact making.

You need that, my friend.


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