Episode 9. How to Think Like a Marketer (and Get More of the Kind of Clients You Serve Best)

“I feel like the message I keep hearing from you is that  the best way to start owning our marketing  is to start really finding that worth in ourselves…”


That’s what  ALI BOEHM said on her podcast recently when I spoke about the role of marketing in a healing arts practice. Ali is a massage therapist turned business coach, who helps other massage therapists build a thriving practice that serves them financially AND energetically. 

So when she invited me to speak to her tribe about what it meant to ‘think like a marketer’, I was happy to do so. Today, I’m happy to say that she’s been kind enough to share that interview with me, so I can now bring it to you. 

In this wide-ranging episode, you’ll learn: 

  • 3 different skills you must learn in order to think like a marketer.
  • How to speak to your ideal client so that they know you understand them.
  • What it means to position yourself as an expert (and why you MUST do this).
  • What to do instead of offering a sliding scale.
  • A simple way to protect your confidence AND get some great marketing copy.
  • How to use everyday conversations to grow your practice.  

We covered a lot! 

As I have often said to my counseling clients over the years, ‘take what’s useful and leave the rest”. 

What matters most is that you get comfortable with the idea that you can shape your practice by learning how to talk about what you do, and that marketing is not, actually, as awful as we something tell ourselves it is. 

In fact, let me ask you: What do you want others to know about your work?


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