"Lead with your heart,
and don’t let fear get in the way."

Wendy Pitts Reeves

The First Number You Have to Know to Run a Successful Practice

The feeling came out of nowhere.

One minute, I was having a perfectly reasonable and practical conversation with my awesome bookkeeper...

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How to Recognize (and Serve) the Clients You’ll Love

Of course, you love everybody.

Well, almost, anyway.

And when you opened the doors to your private practice, you were bursting with excitement...

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How to Reorganize, Realign and Recommit to Your Success


We’re already half way through this year. Just like that. And all those big plans and dreams and goals that sounded so good back at...

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5 Steps to Turning Things Around When Business is Down

Reader Alert: This is a personal post that may disappoint some of you.

Last fall, when I got back from...

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What to Do When Your Event Doesn’t Fill

And the tickets were just not selling. Ugh.

To say that she was discouraged is an understatement. This was...

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Why You Have to Sell to Your Self First


It can be icky, I know.

Just the thought of selling anything to anyone might creep you out.

When I think about selling, my mind...

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Reaching for Success? It Helps to See It First

There’s a reason we miss the goal sometimes.

There’s a problem in our business, but the solution eludes us. Or we have...

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How to Get Even More Out of an Initial Consult

As a brief therapist, her style of counseling was super focused and highly disciplined. Most of her...

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How Fear Can Move You Forward (Instead of Holding You Back)


Your heart pounds.

Your breathing picks up. You get this tingling sensation at the base of your neck. You may have a knot in your...

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Three Ways to Cope with Confidence Crushers

She wanted to quit – and she wanted her money back.

We were already half way through the year, and everything was going...

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