Episode 29. “Do You Take My Insurance?” What to Say If the Answer is No…

Do you take my insurance?

If the answer is yes, that’s an easy question to handle. But if you don’t (or can’t) accept insurance reimbursement in your practice, you may not know quite how to handle it.

After you hear this episode, though, that will never be a problem for you again - because I’m going to teach you exactly what to do.

Annnnd - what NOT to do, too.

Remember this acronym: S.O.S., and then:

  • Stand in your value. 
  • Own your offer. 
  • And center on Service.

In our conversation today, you’ll learn more about what each of those really means, and you’ll hear several examples of EXACTLY what to say in a variety of scenarios.


Did I mention that there’s a free download this time? See the link below to get your copy of a free script that will help you nail this question for good.


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As promised, this super handy template or script will help you craft your own answer to the insurance question, so that the NEXT time you get asked that question, you’ll be prepared - because you’ll know exactly what to say.

Click on the link to get your copy. >>  wendypittsreeves.com/awkward


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