What if you could stop worrying about money, and start trusting that what you needed would always be there?

Mind Over Money: 31 Days to More Income, Ease, and Abundance, is truly a mindset reset.  Each brief but powerful lesson is designed to help you learn how to raise your vibrations, attract prosperity, and actually enjoy the flow of money in your practice.




Where attention goes, energy grows. Learn how to shift your energy in a way that strengthens your sense of well being, builds your confidence, and boosts your bottom line.

This was great!

I clearly needed to refocus my thoughts around abundance. This has been such a great reminder for me, and I feel like it has gotten me back on course with being intentional around money. Thank you. I know this sort of mindfulness works when you work it.

And, funny enough, I'm on track to bring in over $10,000 in the next couple of weeks--what?! Seriously, I've had this kind of focus in my business in the past, but lost touch with it. I've missed it!

High Fives!!

Mind Over Money Basic




If you're a DIY kind of person who just wants to keep things simple, this is for you.

With the basic option, you'll get everything: the daily downloads that include the audio links and the oh-so-cool journal that I've just added too.

This is perfect if you don't really want any kind of extra guidance or support from me along the way.

And you'll be able to take it all at your own pace - with no interruptions.

Keeping it easy and effortless...🙂


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With IP Calls


My clients say all the time that our small group discussions are the first place they've ever been where they could talk about the money side of running a practice without judgment, shame or fear. And I want you to have that kind of space too.

So for the first time ever, I'm adding 3 private, small group, "IP Cafe" calls for those who want it, where we can process any triggers this may bring up for you, as well as celebrate the progress I KNOW you're going to make in your practice.

The calls will be from 12:00-1:00 PM EST on December 28, January 11, and January 25.


Running a private practice can be hard.

We constantly worry about getting enough clients, about keeping enough clients, about getting paid by those clients.

Sometimes, it seems like the harder we work the less we have to show for it. And that can get discouraging. It's easy to feel like you're on your own, that this is too hard, and that you'll never figure this out.

But that's not true.

You are more powerful than you know.

And your greatest source of strength lies not in the strategies you use to build your business, but with the energy you bring to that work. 

A recent article in Kiplinger's talked about how research has shown that having a growth mindset positively impacts everything from our financial habits to our earning potential.

And I've learned that when you learn how to come back to center, to tap into trust, and to cultivate an abundant mindset - everything changes.

This sweet, simple course will help you do just that.

And abundance is your birthright.

Like air and water, abundance flows through our existence every day. Sometimes we see it. Sometimes we don't.

Often we block it, without even realizing it. 

I am on a mission to help therapists and other healers heal their relationship with money - because I know better than anyone how conflicted that relationship usually is.

We have to learn how to welcome prosperity and free up energy so wealth and abundance can flow into our practice - and back out into the world.

I just got to Day 17 and your encouragement to tolerate the discomfort. I am incredibly uncomfortable right now, but I am growing by charging what I'm worth and (my clients) are growing too by investing in themselves...I also appreciated your note: It's about them, not about me. 



Delivered directly to your inbox each day for 31 days, you'll get a short, sweet, easy-to-read lesson with stories and strategies on how to shift your energy around money and create more wealth. Each day's lesson takes 5 minutes, or less, to enjoy.

in how you think and feel about money.

Where attention goes, energy grows, right? In this course, you'll learn how to focus your attention in a way that helps you discover financial surprise and delight. Does that sound a little like magic? Perhaps. And what's wrong with that? 💁‍♀️


Each day's lesson offers a fun and playful way to work with and think about AND work with money. Even if you only try a few of my ideas, I think you'll find yourself attracting unexpected income, being less stressed, and feeling better about your own financial future.

on the GO

In a hurry? No worries. You'll also have access to audio recordings of each day's message that you can listen to on the go if that suits you better. Sometimes a bit of abundant energy with your morning walk can really start the day off right. 

Plus a Fast Action Bonus

The brief lessons in this 31-day course are sure to make you think, help you grow, and sometimes, even make you laugh. :)

 But old habits die hard and limiting beliefs can stick to us like peanut butter. 🍯

So if you act fast, you can get EXTRA support through the stuck spots.

The first 10 students to register will become part of a small group on Voxer, so you can encourage each other and share discoveries along the way. 

And as a member of the group, you'll also have personal access to me directly throughout the whole course.

(That alone is a tremendous value that my VIP clients pay 1000's for.)


Plus you'll get this brand new BONUS! The MIND OVER MONEY Journal!

To help integrate the learning, aha's and action steps you'll experience along the way, I've created this special companion journal, suitable for printing or for completing on line.

With this as your touchpoint, you now have a place to gather your thoughts along the way. Use your journal to reflect on what you learn, catch limiting beliefs as they arise, and celebrate your wins as well.

Because no one tells you this, but becoming more self aware will make you a better practice owner.

More than anything else, success is a mindset, abundance is a given, and your energy is your superpower. Use this journal to work with that energy in the very best way.


Don't Suffer One More Day.

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You've made such a difference in my world!

Wendy! Thank you for not glossing over the importance of abundance, setting clear intentions, honoring self in the income process, talking about money, and so much more.

You, dear woman, are a one of a kind rock star!!

— Mary