"Lead with your heart,
and don’t let fear get in the way."

Wendy Pitts Reeves

Income Strategy #12: Turn Your Offers into Packages

I couldn’t avoid it any longer.

I was snowed in for the rest of the week, with nowhere to go and no more excuses. My very first coaching...

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12 Questions That Will Help You Plan & Promote Your Event

I’d open registration on line around seven p.m., and by nine, the trip was full.

And I did that...

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Keeping Out the Chaos: Using Systems to Manage Events

I recently attended the annual East Tennessee Women’s Leadership Summit. This event, an all day...

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Why You Should Be Using Events in Your Business

“Just mind blowing..”  My client...

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How One Daily Habit Helps Sustain Your Success

A friend invited me to join her for an overnight hike to LeConte Lodge, a roundtrip of...

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How Tiny Steps Lead to Big Courage

It was time to tell her team about major changes she was making in the business, and...

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Keeping Up with a Weekly Blog: A Behind the Scenes Look

I know this – as someone who tends to stick it out even when I shouldn’t.

And yet, our ability to...

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How to Build a Strong Mastermind Group

– Tim Gunn

And neither is running a business.

In fact, to run a successful business, you’re...

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7 Steps to a (Clear, Easy, Effective) Sales Process

As a cultural hub for all things alternative, the restaurants there are particularly...

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How to Hire the Right Help for Your Team

I was talking with a real estate broker who leads a growing team of agents in her...

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