Who Are You Becoming? (As CEO of Your Practice?)

These long summer days have been good for getting things done here around the house. Over the weekend, I spent much needed time cleaning things out at home, and ended up with a  loaded car full of things to donate/recycle and return to various places around town. Even though I’d rather be out playing in the woods, it felt SO good to get rid of that stuff!

What did you do over the weekend? :) I hope it was something awesome!

And now, here’s your 11:11 for today.


How has managing your own practice affected you as a human being? Most of my clients find that running a business impacts them at every level, and sometimes in ways they never expected.

In this video, we’ll take a look at what happens when you own your value, get clear about who you are, and become a true leader in your practice.


The braver I am, the luckier I get.
―Glennon Doyle, Untamed


The theme that came up a lot with my coaching clients last week was about the fears they stumbled into when it came time to let themselves be ‘seen’ in their business.

Seeing clients is easy.
Telling referral sources you are open for business is hard.

Hiring a graphic designer to help with an ad is easy.
Holding that designer accountable until you are completely satisfied with the work is hard.

Offering encouraging Instagram posts for your peeps is easy.
Inviting a client to put herself first and actually work with you is hard.

Those things that are hard?
That’s where your business is calling you to grow.


What’s the one thing in your practice that is super uncomfortable for you to handle right now? There may actually be several, I know. But what one thing stands out?

If you were to take even the tiniest step forward to deal with that one thing, what would it be?

Set a date and time this week when you’ll take that step. Find an accountability partner you can ‘report to’, to help you move forward.

Then send me a note to celebrate what you did.

I’ll be watching for it!

P.S. At the Ideal Practice Cafe last week (which happens inside the Facebook group each week), we were talking about this, when Mary, a therapist in Western NC, spoke up. She said calling a potential referral source to introduce herself was especially hard, so she’d kept putting it off. “Don’t I have a room that needs to be vacuumed or something?” she said.  

We all laughed, because we could relate!
What are you putting off that could move you forward?

We all laughed, because we could relate!

What are you putting off that could move you forward?


"Wendy is persistent in helping her clients reach the milestones and goals they set. I would definitely recommend her to anyone in business who wants to grow and increase profitability….I consider her to be a friend. She genuinely cares about her clients!"
― Eddie Hopps, Hopps Woodworks


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