"Lead with your heart,
and don’t let fear get in the way."

Wendy Pitts Reeves

Children Learn What They Live. (And you can too.)

Remember that poster that was so popular a few years back? It was a long, rectangle piece on cardboard usually sold as low-cost wall art, and it...

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Stop Apologizing (for Who. You. Are.)

It serves no purpose.

If you’re a strong woman who knows how to take charge, lead a group, manage a project and get things done, you...

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I love it when you say this…

Sometimes Courage roars in like a lion – wowing us all with it’s power and sheer daring. Think Captain Sully and his ...

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WARNING: These people may be TOXIC to your (mental) health.

The other day, a good friend told me about her decision to let go of a less-than-healthy relationship. Though she cares deeply for a certain...

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You think you don’t do this…(but you do).

You fight the good things that come your way.

I know. That sounds nuts. Like, who would do that?

But the odds are, you do. I do. We all do.


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I HAVE to say this… (Just One More thing.)

I have to send just a quick note to you, my Courageous friends, sisters, clients and colleagues.

On my long list of things to be thankful for this...

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One (Overlooked) Tip for a Perfect Thanksgiving, With a Bonus!

So, are you cooking tomorrow?

It’s Thanksgiving here in the U.S., a major holiday when most thoughts turn to turkey and dressing, family and...

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Paint(ing) the Town, Part Two: 4 Keys to Building Creative Confidence

On our recent Secret Adventure, a small group of truly Courageous Women discovered a number of things that I think probably...

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Paint(ing) the Town, Part One: Finding Courage on a Blank Canvas

 “I can’t even draw a circle”, I said, with a laugh, eyeing the blank canvas before me with more than a little trepidation....

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New Secret Adventures Announced. Join us!

My goodness! Is it November already??!

WHAT a month October has been! I’ve been on the road, it seems, for weeks on end,...
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