When You Love Your Business, You’ll Love Your Self (Finally!)

No one tells you that, but it’s true.

Because unless your business is just a hobby – it will impact every area of your life. It will be wonderful. And awful. And wonderful again.

And if you stay with it long enough, it will change your life.

In the beginning, of course, it’s just fun. I still remember how excited I was when starting my practice back in the day. I couldn’t answer a referral call fast enough!

Yes I was taking clients! Yes, of course, I’d be glad to see you! It didn’t matter what you needed or if I could really help or even if you could pay.

Can you come on Tuesday? :)

But eventually, you’ll run into some kind of wall, and the growth begins.

It may be that you’re hearing nothing but crickets and wondering how you’ll eat this month. What was I thinking? You ask yourself. Am I crazy? How can I possibly make this work?

Or maybe it’s just the opposite.

Maybe you’ve got so much work that you can’t breathe. In fact, success will really force you to step up your game.

Perhaps you need to add video and you’re terrified of being on camera. Maybe you have to hire – or fire – a team member for the first time.

It may be that you really do need to charge – and get – a freaking $12,000 for that life changing program that is impacting lives in such a powerful way.

Whatever it is, it feels bigger than you are, and you must step up to do what your business is calling you to do.

Everything about the entrepreneur’s life is designed to help you grow.

Have you noticed?

You make it through one challenge, then another, then another.

Before you know it, you’ve perfected a product or a service that people are actually buying. Your sales process feels healthy and authentic. You learn to manage accounts and pay quarterly taxes. You start saying no to business you don’t want and yes to business you do.

And as your business grows, your confidence grows too.

“I picked up a new client this week! Six months at $3,697, because my coach made me write out the packages! I wasn’t doing it on the fly this time, LOL!”

One of my clients sent that a couple of weeks ago when she was feeling really proud of herself. And rightly so!

But it doesn’t stop there. Because when you get a sense of what is possible for you, everything changes.

You tolerate less of what you don’t want, and reach for more of what you do. You may lose weight, let go of toxic relationships, or do things that just make your life better.

Like hiring a lawn service. :)

When my business began to grow, I got clearer about protecting my energy, and started cutting back on the boards I served. I created self care rituals  that I’d never been able to sustain before. I stopped spending time with people and in situations that no longer fed my soul.

I quit tolerating, and started living.

More than anything, you get clarity about who you are, and what matters most to you.

And this is huge.

You’ll stop apologizing and start celebrating what makes you unique. 

You’ll take better care of yourself, and enjoy making money instead of feeling guilty about it

You’ll know that there will always be challenges, and be more comfortable with risk. You learn to trust the Universe, and trust yourself.

You step more powerfully and completely into who you are, what you want, and how you want to serve the planet.

You love your business. You love your life.

And one day, you (finally) love your Self.

That is what I love most about watching my clients as they grow and become. I see this happening for them all the time, and it makes me incredibly proud.

They shift out of self doubt and into self confidence. They stop apologizing and start leading.

Their energy expands in a beautiful and powerful way…

How about you?

Who were you when you started your life as an entrepreneur?

And who are you becoming?

Photo Credit: Mariadelajuana on Flickr



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