"Lead with your heart,
and don’t let fear get in the way."

Wendy Pitts Reeves

How A Mistake Led to My Best Year Ever

As I remember it, the story goes something like this.

Peter was on a boat, bouncing along on...

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What You Need to Know Before You Start a Blog

… one that has impacted every day of my life since.

I decided to start this...

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Your 5 Step Plan for Making (more!) Money This Year

If you’re like many of my students, just the title of this post – and that picture...

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Take Heart! 9 Ways to Bring Your Best to Your Business This Year

You’ve already got everything you need to do what you want to do, to build the life – and business...

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The Most Effective Ways to Start Your Day

And it was so much fun.

In college, I had a roommate who had a very clear, personal rule that said no one was to speak to her...

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Three of the Best Ways to Prepare for Your Best Year

How in the world did that happen? I know the earth spins at the same pace it always has. I know that our...

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How To Find Your Entrepreneurial Sweet Spot

That’s how it feels when you know you’ve made it; when you’ve finally crafted a life,...

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5 Things I Learned About Business at the Beach

Sunset at Edisto Beach, South Carolina

What a wonderful gift.

A few years ago, I desperately wanted to get away. I’d been through...

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3 Keys to Selling with Service (and Soul)

Just the word “selling” caused almost a physical reaction, a kind of...

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You Are Being Called to Lead. (Yes, You.)

At first, I couldn’t believe it was true.

I couldn’t believe so much...

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