Service or Sacrifice: How to Manage the Energy You Bring to Sales Conversations

Sometime soon, you’re going to get a call.

Might happen twice today and again later this week.

Might not happen at all for another month or so.

But someones going to send you an email, or call your office, and ask about working with you.

They’ll want to know if you have room in your program/ course/ caseload.

They’ll want to know if you can help them.

And they’ll want to know what you charge.

For just a moment, forget about pricing strategies and marketing tactics.

Forget about clinical skills.

How you feel inside when you answer those questions is what will have the biggest impact on what happens next.

Check out the video below to get the scoop.

We don’t like to think of ourselves as having ‘sales conversations’, but that’s what it is when someone calls to ask about your services.

How you handle those calls is critical to your success, but if you’re like me, no one taught you anything about that in grad school.

No worries. Although this is tricky for just about all of you, it is a skill you can totally learn, and one that isn’t actually that hard. I teach my clients how to do this all the time.

So let’s have a conversation about all that at this week’s Money Talk Hangout, shall we?

Lots of good stuff to talk about.

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