Healing the Healers: How Guilt Free Scheduling Can Help You Shift from Self Sabotage to Self Care

Do you feel like all you ever do is work?

If your practice is full, you could be seeing anywhere from 25-35 clients a week. And if you’re like many of MY clients, you’re seeing them at all hours of the day and night.

Quick question: Have you ever agreed to see a client on a day you’re supposed to be ‘off’? And if so, how often does that happen?

For many of us in private practice, unfortunately, it happens way too often.

If that sounds like you, my friend, you could be setting yourself up for burnout. And that won’t serve anyone.

Not your clients. And not your Self.

In today’s video, I’ll share a story about a time that working crazy hours caught up with a friend of mine, what she did about it, and how getting a handle on something as simple as her schedule completely turned her business around.

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Seems so simple, doesn’t it?

But it’s not. I know how hard it is for many of you to say no when a client asks to meet with you at some bizarre time that really doesn’t work for you.

You say yes because you don’t want to let them down.

You say yes because you’re afraid of losing the money.

You say yes because you think you have to.

But you don’t.

At this week’s Money Talk Hangout, we’re going to be talking about boundaries, healthy scheduling - and your sanity, lol.

All of which we could all use a little more of, don’t you think?

But for now, I’d love to hear from you. How is your scheduling system working for you? Or not?

Share your comment below. I’d love to hear.

And try to get some rest this week, ok? It’s rough out there!

Much love,

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