"Lead with your heart,
and don’t let fear get in the way."

Wendy Pitts Reeves

7 Stages of a Client’s Journey (& Why You Need Systems for Each)

After she flew in for a VIP Strategy Day, my client and I sat down together to map out a series...

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Like Riding Wild Horses: How to Cope with Crazy Success

My client’s business was exploding – in a good way – but it didn’t feel...

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5 Limiting Beliefs Behind Your Pricing (and Why You Should Ignore Them)

 “I no longer have to be afraid of this…”

That’s what an experienced, competent psychotherapist said to me...

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One Thing You Do Too Much (& Why You Need to Stop)

“I’m serious. I really do want to do this.”

We were having coffee one morning after a meeting at the Chamber....

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Why Doing Good is Not Good Enough for Your Business

I don’t care about making a profit. It was never about money for me anyway. I really just want to make enough...

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Does Your Business Make You Happy?

This is how it starts.

We decide somewhere along the way to open a business.

Perhaps it’s because we want...

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What Systems Can Do for a Creative Like You

Creative people thrive on chaos.

Or sometimes it feels that way, anyway.

If you lean towards being a right-brained creative (and many entrepreneurs...

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5 Magic Words That Will Help Your Business

And it wasn’t the first time.

More than once, I’ve had someone say to me at some networking...

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How to Set – and Reach – Your Income Goals This Year [Download Included]

She was ready for something more.

We’d been working together about a year at that point, and she’d made tremendous progress....

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Stop Apologizing (Be. Who. You. Are.)

I wrote this a long time ago. Recently, I’ve realized how much of an issue this continues to be for so many people I know....

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