Episode 16. How About Lunch? How to Use Small Gatherings to Grow Your Practice - and Your Influence.

I hate small talk. 

So when I find a way to connect with others that is truly satisfying, I love it. (There’s a reason I’ve been a psychotherapist for decades, after all.)

And when I stumbled on a way to attract client referrals, add outstanding clinicians to my group practice AND make new friends? Well - I was hooked.

You are looking at the world’s biggest introvert. Yet when I was building my group practice, I knew I had to get out of the office and into the community somehow. I had to start building name recognition, establishing a reputation and growing the practice.

Not being one for routine mixers at the Chamber of Commerce (did you hear my story in episode 10?), I had to find another way…. a way that fit MY style, and worked for my practice. 

And this is it.

What I’m sharing with you today, my friends, was crazy effective. Before long, our practice began to be recognized as a key player in our community, one that brought people together, shared resources, facilitated important conversations and offered a top notch level of care.

And it all started…with lunch.


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Here’s a template to help you plan your own Colleague Connection lunch. www.wendypittsreeves.com/lunch



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