"Lead with your heart,
and don’t let fear get in the way."

Wendy Pitts Reeves

How to Make the Most of Any Speaking Opportunity

It starts weeks, if not months, before, though many speakers don’t realize that.


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Why You Need to Be Out There Speaking

“The buzz in the room was infectious…”

…That’s what one fellow said after a talk I gave recently to a group of...

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Being an Entrepreneur isn’t for the Faint of Heart…

…all the way across the Atlantic, to Ireland.

And I got here by following the same...

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The Twelve Steps, Adapted for Entrepreneurs

This week, I’m speaking to an outstanding group of entrepreneurs in Dublin, Ireland, about three power...

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Why Travel Is Good for Your Brain, and Your Business

Airports are too slow. Too crowded. Too this. Too that.

But me? I love...

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Making Tough Decisions Leads to Happier Business Owners

There was no fanfare. No high fives. No confetti drifting down from the ceiling.

If anything,...

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How to Free Up Energy and Regain Momentum

She wrote with certainty. My sweet friend and fellow...

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How I Became an Accidental Entrepreneur

You set a goal.
You make a plan.
You implement the plan.
You reach the goal.
You set another goal.

 Nice and...

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What Your Small Business Should Learn from Big Business Mistakes

But after two years of losses, the numbers finally looked better. By the...

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What to Include in Your Welcome Kit (and Why Your Clients Need One)

Being new to the private coaching I...

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