"Lead with your heart,
and don’t let fear get in the way."

Wendy Pitts Reeves

What to do with that one pesky, infuriating fear…

“I can do it! But I hate it, so I avoid it as much as I...

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How to keep going when you really want to quit.

It was, after all, a celebration.

I’d finished grad school (finally), and friends and I...

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Good stuff happens on the other side of terrified.

Your heart pounds.

Your breathing picks up. You get this tingling sensation at the base of your neck. You may have a knot in your stomach, and the...

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7 Steps to Planning Your Year and Saving Your Sanity

I love getting a brand new planner. Don’t you?

All that big open space gives me such a sense of freedom and possibility.

Not to mention, that...

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What is your One Thing?

It’s a brand new day.

And some of you are practically giddy with possibilities so bright and early in this beautiful New Year.


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One last thing before you wrap it all up…

I know. There’s a New Year just around the corner.


And even though we complain about how fast time goes, some of us still can’t...

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Why not add a Little Adventure to your holidays?

So how are those holiday preparations coming?

Are you one of those who had everything bought and wrapped back in July? Or perhaps you’re more...

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How to Keep Your Head Above Water: Hire Some Help

It’s almost Friday.
And you’re drowning in your To-Do list.

Your newsletter’s due tomorrow, a new client needs paperwork this...

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C2C Apps: Lessons Learned While Flyin’ on 4 Wheels

“Well, there is one thing I’d really like to do, but there’s no way we could be doing that …. It’d be way too...

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29 Ways to Be a (Healthy, Happy, Successful) Business Owner

So what happens when Good Girls grow up?

They realize eventually that being a Good Girl isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. And sooner or...

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