Episode 22. Introducing the Akashic Records with Intuitive Reader, Anne Marie Pizarro

Have you heard of the Akashic Records? Ever since I first learned about the concept, I’ve been curious about it, and wanted to learn more. 

That’s why I invited Anne Marie Pizarro, a former nurse with a strong science background turned Akashic Records reader and holistic practitioner, to join us. Anne has the most delightful energy and I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed this conversation! 

This entire idea might be the strangest thing you’ve ever heard. Or, it might be a confirmation of something you’ve always known in your bones. Either way, is fine.

All I ask is that you stay curious, and keep an open mind. After all, what have you got to lose by just considering the possibility that there is a higher wisdom here - one that you can access - that can help you and help you help your clients?

In this episode, you’ll learn: 

  • 3 ways to tell if when your thoughts are inspired intuitive guidance, and when they’re not.
  • 3 of the most common questions most people ask during an Akashic Records reading.
  • How a reading might serve different healers, such as massage therapists, coaches, and those in traditional medicine, in completely different ways.
  • 5 things to look for when choosing a particular reader for yourself
  • The incredible, life changing power that can come from learning how to lean in and truly listen to your deepest intuition (and what happens when you don’t).

There are so many things about the formation of the Universe, the role of energy, and our place in All Things that we only barely understand. Perhaps today’s episode will add to your understanding in completely new ways. 

I know it has for me.

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…is Anne Marie Pizarro. She helps spiritual seekers, holistic practitioners and coaches receive answers and tools for their life’s most pressing questions through the Akashic Records and the Human Energy Field.

Anne Marie brings 24 years of nursing experience and 15 years of entrepreneurship to offer a holistic practice that supports and teaches curious intuitives how to access their intuition, activate their channel and work in the Akashic Records.  She lives in Austin, Texas with her husband, daughter and two fur babies. She loves kayaking, hiking and seeing live music.

Want to learn more?  You can access her free Masterclass on the Akashic Records here.

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