How to Get More Clients You Actually WANT

Do you actually need clients?

Or is it more that you need the right KIND of clients?

From what I’m hearing, those of you in the mental health space especially, aren’t really having trouble getting clients. If anything, the problem may be that you have too many clients. And you’re getting a ton of calls for help even on top of that.

Some of those calls, of course, may be related to the stress that so many are under due to the pandemic. But that’s not all of it.

As I said to a colleague online recently, some of that is just because you are good at what you do, and word’s getting out about your work. :) I guarantee it.

I had a little trouble with the sound in today’s video, y’all - so I apologize for that. But I decided to share this anyway. Because we need to talk about how to make sure the calls you’re getting are from referrals you actually want; clients you love, enjoy, and do your best work with.

(Oh yeah - and who can pay you.)

What a concept, yes? :)

Check it out.

There you go.

When you tighten up your messaging in each of the 5 areas I covered in the video, you’ll find that you spend a lot less time returning calls from people you really can’t help, and more time talking to those you can.

And you’ll feel good about it.

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