Are Hidden Money Triggers Hurting Your Income?

Have you ever felt like no matter how hard you tried, how much you learned, or how hard you worked, you never seem to be able to break through a certain level of income in your practice?

Well I have good news. It’s possible, that there’s a lot more to your struggle that meets the eye.

It doesnt have to mean youre doing something wrong.

In fact, it may have nothing to do with your marketing, your networking, or your skills as a business owner at all!

It may be that hidden money triggers you don’t even know you have are getting in the way. And if so, trust me. You have plenty of company! 

In today’s video, I’ll share a secret about one of my own triggers and how it impacts me still.

Watch the video below to see what Im talking about.

Most of us have our own internal glass ceiling, though we may not know it. I mean, if I asked you how much money you wanted to make, you could tell me, right?


But how far can you go and still feel okay about it?

If you think about making $50,000 a year how do you feel? What about $150,000 a year?

What about a number much higher than that?

If you find yourself feeling a little squirmy, or pushing your number away with negative thoughts about what’s possible - or ‘reasonable’ - that’s okay.

But it may also be a signal that there’s something here you probably want to pay attention to.

What do you think? Comment below and tell me.

And I’ll see you next time,

P.S. What would you think if you knew that other healers like you struggled with the same kind of discomfort you have around things like money (ugh) and success (whatever that is)? That’s what we’re talking about each Thursday at The Money Hangout. Join us inside the Ideal Practice Community to learn more.


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