Three of the Best Ways to Prepare for Your Best Year

How in the world did that happen? I know the earth spins at the same pace it always has. I know that our lives just feel faster.

But some days it sure seems like time is speeding up.

Nevertheless, 2016 is almost a memory. And now that it is, what do you think? Has it been a good year? Did you meet all those goals you set for your business this year?

Do you even remember setting goals for your business this year??

Don’t worry. Life happens for all of us. If you’re like most entrepreneurs, you’ve made sure and steady progress in some areas, little in others, and knocked it out of the park in a few.

And yet – you have to stop at times and take stock of where you are. Otherwise, if you’re not careful, you’ll spin right on over into the new year without a thought about where you are on your entrepreneurial journey.

And that’s how not one, but five or twenty-five years pass without our ever creating the kind of business – and life – we really want to create.

That’s living by default, rather than on purpose.

So as you’re winding down the year, and preparing for the holidays, set aside a few hours to attend to your business.

And let’s move into next year with clarity, vision and energy. :)

Crafting visions, implementing ideas, and assessing progress is an ongoing practice, because you can’t move forward, unless you know where you are.

So I recommend taking some time for a deep, year end review, following these three principles.


Think about everything you do in your business over a two week period.

Consider everything – from behind-the-scenes operations (team, finances, content creation, marketing, etc.) to your own self care to how you actually deliver services.

Now, think about the rough spots. Where are the stress points in your business? What’s not working that really needs attention?

And what are you tolerating?

List each area that could use a little polish. Rank them in order from the easiest to fix, to the hardest. Take a moment to decide which improvement could make the biggest difference in your day to day operations – and the quality of your life.

Start there.


Now, clear out those old, negative energies.

I can teach you all kinds of strategies, but if your head’s not right, you’ll sabotage your own success. This is THE issue with every one I coach.

Every. One.

I have clients who are practically magical in the good that they do. And I’ve seen their income rise, and fall, almost directly in relation to their mindset of the moment.

Heck – I’ve experienced that myself.

Do you spend precious energy complaining and focusing on what’s wrong? Or lift your energy by celebrating what’s right?

With lack mentality, self-doubt, and muddy thinking, you’ll shoot yourself in the foot every time, and wonder why you’re still hobbling around. Aren’t you tired of that?

Nasty negative thinking holds you back – so clear that gunk out.

Like, yesterday.


This is the fun part.

There’s a lot to do as you plan and prepare for all that you want to accomplish in the coming year. So let’s start playing with that now.

What do you want to do in 2017 that you’ve never done before?

Your work will always be about cleaning up systems and clearing up mindsets. But part of your work is going to be creating something really awesome, and new.

How can you take your business to the next level, whatever that means for you?

What would that look like? Sound like? Feel like?

Get out a journal or a notebook, and do a little dreaming. Write. Draw. Mind-map. Play. Begin with the statement, “Wouldn’t it be great if…”, and see what bubbles up.


Just write or sketch whatever comes to mind.

What would be so much fun if you could pull THAT off this year?

Notice how you feel as you answer that question? That’s what it means to raise your energy. And that’s the feeling that will lead you to your best year.

BONUS TIP: If you want to add power to those dreams, share them here so we can hold space for you and your intentions.

Then clean it up, clear it up, and kick it up, for one totally terrific year.

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