Episode 33: Why Understanding the Enneagram Will Make You a Better Therapist: An Interview with Elaine Bailey

Understanding the Enneagram has been a game changer for me.

Not only do I catch myself in patterns all the time, I see them in my clients - and now - I know how to help them see it too.

Once we understand those patterns, we can choose how and when to let them help us in our lives. For example, figuring out that I was a 9 with a 1 wing has been both frustrating - and freeing - because I can see when that works for me, and when it doesn’t.

The same thing goes for my clients.

In this interview, my friend, former coach, and Enneagram expert Elaine Bailey introduces us to all 9 types. We’ll cover key characteristics of each dominant type, as well as the challenges they bring.

We’ll also cover a few examples of what this might look like for our clients when we work with them, and how it could look for us as business owners.

Are you familiar with the Enneagram? If not, you'll love this introduction to the tool - which I use every single day.

Which type feels like you?

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Elaine empowers coaches to create impactful results for their clients and a more rewarding coaching practice. Her rare blend of academia and in-the-trenches coaching sets her apart from most coaches who coach. She’s walked her talk and has helped hundreds of other coaches fully develop their potential, live bigger lives, and have more impact and income.

As a professional Leadership Development Consultant, Elaine created and designed programs in leadership, coaching, and behavioral skills, delivering to Fortune 500 companies and small businesses around the world, working with thousands of executives, managers, and leaders.

After decades of coaching executives, professionals, and entrepreneurs and then training hundreds of coaches starting their own practices, there is one remarkable thing she discovered. It is the key to being a truly effective, impactful coach.

And that is this.

Your number one results strategy is to know yourself. She provides a proven system that has helped over 1,000 coaches across the US, and Europe do that while building successful and rewarding coaching practices.

If you’re interested in learning more about each of the types and how to work with them, grab her free resource below. 





  • 13:10 What is the Enneagram? 
  • 19:30 Type 1 - The Perfectionist
  • 21:43 Type 2 - The Helper or the Giver
  • 24:23 Type 3 - The Achiever 
  • 28:02 Type 4 - The Individualist
  • 32:32 Type 5 - The Investigator
  • 34:52 Type 6 - The Guardian or Loyalist
  • 39:13 Type 7 - The Optimistic Enthusiast
  • 44:18 Type 8 - The Challenger
  • 48:02 Type 9 - The Peacemaker

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