Episode 31. Take a Break, for Pete’s Sake. Your Clients Will Thank You.

As I write this, I’m in the middle of a work/travel adventure.

For a few weeks now, Anne and I have been on the road, exploring parks and trails and small towns and historic treasures up and down the east coast. Along the way, she’s continuing her consulting work with corporate clients on climate change, while I continue my counseling and coaching work with clients at home and elsewhere.

To make the trip even better, we are also claiming a full two week space in the middle where no one works. :)

Not a bad way to enjoy the fall season, don’t you think?

When your practice is based on dollars per hours, or income per appointment, taking breaks like this can feel risky. Whether it’s a full on vacation, or just a simple lunch hour, you could ALWAYS be seeing more people, filling more hours, and making more money.

But I’m guessing that one of the reasons you started a business to begin with was so that you had control over your time, and the freedom to TAKE time when you wanted to.

Are you doing that? Because I’m worried that you’re not.

I’ve thought about you all a lot on this trip, about how hard you work, and how rarely you let yourself take any time off.

So I’d like to share this encore episode with you, where we talked about the importance of pacing yourself throughout your day… starting with something as surprisingly simple…as a lunch break.

Got an hour free in the middle of your day today?

Listen to this podcast, which gives you plenty of time to have a bite, catch your breath, maybe take a quick walk or a big stretch, and THEN settle back in to an afternoon of business building, client serving, impact making.

Your clients need you to show up rested.
So take a break - ok? :)

P.S. “Okay Wendy - you’re making me think…

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