Episode 34: [IP Extra] How Understanding the Enneagram Hit Me Hard - and Helped Me Grow

Sometimes, a moment arrives when we see ourselves SO clearly that we can no longer avoid the truth.

If we’re lucky, that moment of clarity leads to real growth, and expansion, in all the best ways. And certainly - learning my Enneagram type was that moment for me.

But whoooooboy - it was rough at first.

So - that’s what I decided to share with you today - and,  gosh, I’d love to know if something like this has ever happened to you.

Have you discovered something about yourself that was really upsetting? Only to realize later that it was actually one of your best qualities, in fact, a real strength.

I’d sure love to hear that story. Shoot me a DM or hit reply and share if you would.

ALWAYS love hearing from you guys.


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- The Wisdom of the Enneagram by Riso and Hudson
- The Essential Enneagram by Daniels and Price
- Episode 33: Why Understanding the Enneagram Will Make You a Better Therapist: An Interview with Elaine Bailey



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