Episode 30. How She Turned a $12,000 Billing Disaster into 8 Streams of Income: An Encouraging Interview with Kym Tolson.

Kym Tolson didn’t really pay much attention to her insurance billing service - until the day she discovered she’d lost thousands of dollars through their mistakes. 

Then - when she questioned their work - they fired her as a client! 

As crazy as that was, it turned out to be, as we here in the South would say, a blessing in disguise. Because, after a moment of panic, she rallied - big time. She dove in deep and learned everything she needed to know in order to process claims herself. She took full control of the billing in her counseling practice, and she never looked back.

Then, knowing that many of her colleagues were in the same shape she was, she created a course to teach them how to do the same.

I have to admit, I wasn’t that surprised at her story. I myself went through no less than 7 different bulling companies or services back when I had an insurance based practice. All of them, eventually, turned out to have problems one way or another, and I lost a lot of money.

I sure wish someone like Kym had been around back then...

Today, she has no less than 8 streams of income, has discovered financial freedom, and is living the life she really wants to live.

Even if insurance isn’t a thing in your practice, this conversation will inspire you.

Give it a listen.


Kym, who is licensed in Virginia, has an online insurance-based therapy practice, and travels full time as a digital nomad. After learning the hard way that she needed to pay closer attention to the billing side of her practice, she dove in to learn all she could about insurance billing herself.

Today, she guides therapists on a path of empowerment, helping them understand insurance billing through her course, "DIY Insurance Billing for Private Practice” and her Facebook community, “Bill Like a Boss” for therapists who bill insurance in their private practice.

She’s also known as the Traveling Therapist - but we’ll save THAT story, for later!



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