Episode 35: How Working With the Law of Attraction Changed Her Business, and Her Life: An Interview with Christie Miller

Christie Miller, business mentor to health coaches everywhere, has had her share of professional success. But starting her own business was a unique challenge, one that *almost* stopped her.

Until, that is, she became more intentional about her own energy - and began to consciously work with the Law of Attraction.

If you’re one of those who’s a bit skeptical about all of this, you have plenty of company, lol - AND, you should listen anyway. If nothing else, you’ll be entertained! :)

But you’ll also learn.

In this episode, you’ll hear all about:

  1. Her 4 steps for activating the Law of Attraction
  2. Why visualization, by itself, is not nearly enough. 
  3. What happens when we move from the fear side, to the love side, of our business.

And along the way, she’ll tell her crazy car story. 
That alone will make this worth your time!

Her whole story is amazing.

And the sheer wisdom she brings to the table is inspiring.

Give it a listen.

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Christie Miller is a fun-loving, action-oriented, business mentor. She helps health and wellness coaches get more online clients so they can have a bigger impact, make more money, and truly enjoy the freedom of running an online business.

Christie has had successful careers as a Financial Analyst, Corporate Attorney, Interior Designer, and an LA County Sheriff before discovering her true passion: coaching. She lives in Southern California with her "72-Hour Blind Date" husband, Mark, and their black Labrador Winnie.



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