"Lead with your heart,
and don’t let fear get in the way."

Wendy Pitts Reeves

Episode 25. My 3 Step Formula for Moving Through Overwhelm and Into Action - for Momentum and Success.

Starting a private practice is a big deal. 

So is running one - whether you’re in the early stages or you’ve been at it...
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Episode 24. A Life of Service and Adventure: The Inspiring Journeys of Amye Cole, LMFT

Goodness…. I don’t even know how to tell you about this week’s podcast episode. 

Today, you get to meet Amye Cole, an LMFT...

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Episode 23. How to Prevent Burnout: 7 Strategies for Coping with Too Many Referrals

Sometimes, it’s not about getting more clients at all. 

Sometimes, your practice may be drowning in referrals and you have...

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Episode 22. Introducing the Akashic Records with Intuitive Reader, Anne Marie Pizarro

Have you heard of the Akashic Records? Ever since I first learned about the concept, I’ve been curious about it, and wanted to learn...

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Episode 21. Is It Even Worth It? The Risk of Being Real.

Today we’re talking about what it really means to bring your true self, your real self… what it means to be as...

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Episode 20. Are You Imposing Your Personal Money Beliefs On Your Clients?

I’ve got a question for you…. 

Is it possible, just for a moment, that you might be imposing your personal money...

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Episode 19. How An Art Therapist Learned to Overcome Objections by Leaning In to Her Strengths

Learning how to overcome objections is an important part of the sales process. Learning how to minimize resistance is an important part of most...

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Episode 18. Why I Stopped Doing Free Consultations (And what works oh-so-much better.)

So here’s the thing.
Free consultations don’t work. 

Which is why I no longer offer them - in either one of my businesses. 

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Episode 17. Want to change lives? Change your own first. A Fascinating (and Fun) Interview with Janet Feld.

Today we’re doing something a little different. 

Allow me to introduce you to Janet Feld, a professional musician, singer/songwriter,...

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Episode 16. How About Lunch? How to Use Small Gatherings to Grow Your Practice - and Your Influence.


I hate small talk. 

So when I find a way to connect with others that is truly satisfying, I love it. (There’s a reason...

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