Surprising Ways Ideal Clients Boost Your Private Practice

You know you’re making a difference for your people.

Your energy work clears blocked energy and heals the wounded body and spirit.

Your counseling clients find their way out of a dark place and back into joy. 

Your coaching provides a road map for harried moms to follow as they find ways to get their lives back and still raise healthy kids.

Whatever it is, you believe in it, and you know what a difference it can make for the right people.

The key is knowing who those right people are.

Figuring that out is called identifying your “ideal client” or “target market”. (Or your perfect peeps!)

And it may be one of those things you haven’t really thought about, especially if you’re in start up.

Heck, you may not even have a client yet, so the whole concept may sound kind of crazy.

Ideal client? What are you talking about, Wendy? ANY client right now would be ideal, seems to me…

Yeah. I get that. Really I do.

And yet, this is super important.

In fact, you need to get clear about not only who you serve, but who you don’t serve, as well.

Not because you’re not a nice person or because you don’t want to help everyone, but because there are certain clients that you know are a perfect fit for who you are, and what you do.

And you are a perfect fit for them.

When you identify the individuals (or organizations, if that’s your goal) who are exactly right for your business, all kinds of cool things happen.

For one, you’ll connect with them so easily that you’ll wonder what happened. You’ll have an almost instant relationship, one that, handled well, will be lovely for you both.

Because in any healthy, happy relationship, the good stuff goes both ways.


And it’s easy to see what they’ll get from you.

Their lives are made better – in some very real way.  I don’t care what you do: coaching, psychotherapy, visual art, energy work.

One way or another, they’ll get something they really need when they work with you.

What’s not as obvious, is what you’ll get from them.

 In fact, without even trying, your ideal clients have a few gifts for you, too. And although no one talks about it, this, too, is why knowing your target market is important.

This too is why it’s worth your time to get super clear on who you really want to work with in your Ideal Practice.

1. They will give you energy.

One of the first things I found when starting my practice, was that clients I didn’t love, didn’t love me either, and didn’t stay. :) So it didn’t take long before I had an entire practice of people I genuinely enjoyed.

As my business evolved, and I’ve gotten more clear, that trend has strengthened.

Today, I really do love my clients. ALL of them.

Instead of DRAINING your energy, ideal clients bring energy to you. You’ll enjoy working with them so much that you won’t get tired.

Instead – you’ll get excited.

2. They will boost your confidence.

When you work with people you are meant to work with, they’ll get great results. And when they do, you’ll be proud.

The more that happens, the more your confidence will grow. And the better you’ll be at what you do.

That’s just how it goes. :)

3. They will pay you what you’re worth.

And they’ll be happy to do it.

When you attract people who are ideal for what you do, you magnetize your income. Rather than going after anyone you can find, or chasing dollars, you’ll bring it to you.

Because when you’re really clear about who you work with (and the value you bring, as well), you’ll be able to speak to them through everything you say and do.

And when that happens, your message will resonate. Those who are a perfect fit will seek you out, ready to invest in themselves through you.

And happily hand you a check. Sometimes a really big check.

Yes. Really.

4. They’ll be your evangelists.

As raving fans, they’ll spread the word about you. They’ll be so dang excited about what you’ve done together that they’ll tell other people about your work.

And their enthusiasm is better than any advertising you could ever buy.

(That is what I call marketing made easy!)

5. They just make your life better.

Besides the fact that you’ll enjoy your work more, these clients will be easy to work with.

Because they want you to be happy too.

We all have customers who make us a little crazy every now and then. That’s inevitable, and comes with human nature.

But your ideal clients will try hard not to be crazy-makers. They’ll want to work with you in a way that works for you, and for them.

So, they get great service, real help, and problems solved.

You get all kinds of goodies too. And everybody’s happy.

I call that a win-win. :))

So – next question – do you (really) know who your ideal client is? Got a favorite in mind? Can you think of ways that they fit what I’m saying here?

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