Episode 109. 7 Stages of a Client’s Journey (& Why You Need a System for Each)

If you’ve followed me for a while, you’ll know that I talk often about the 7 Pillars of an Ideal Practice(c), that is, a thriving, healthy private practice … 
Purpose, People, Product, Process, Payment, Promotion, and Perspective. 
Well, today I want to talk about the one Pillar that a surprising number of you struggle with: your processes. 

That is: the habits, systems and boundaries that you have in place to help your business run more smoothly (and - hopefully - with a little less involvement from you!).

More specifically, we’re talking about the process around your client’s journey.  Because guess what?  Better processes, better systems, mean better service for your clients AND less stress for you. 

You may think your relationship with clients starts the moment they’re ready to hire you - right?  

Well, actually …. No.

As it turns out, there are actually 7 stages in the life cycle of your client’s journey. (So many 7’s today! 🤭). 

And get this: 2 of those happen before you even MEET!

Today, I’m going to walk you through each of those stages, and we’ll talk about why you need a system for each one. 

We’ll also cover: 
  • How to take yourself out of the process.
  • The stage where you’re most likely to drop the ball (and how to avoid this).
  • What it means to deliver “service after the sale”.
  • Key steps to keeping your clients engaged.
  • The stage that will bring you repeat business.

As one of my favorite coaches used to say this all the time:

Wherever there is stress, there is a lack of habits, systems, or boundaries.

And she’s right - so let’s take a look at that.

Where are the stress points in your practice?  Where are the balls getting dropped?  What’s really annoying you, and where do you find yourself doing the same thing over and over?

Then ask yourself:

  • What could be automated?
  • What could be turned into a template?
  • What could be delegated to somebody else like a VA? 
  • In fact, what could be eliminated altogether?

(Gasp!! 😲 Just imagine the freedom of never having to do that thing again!).

Friends - my point is this … you will waste less time, spend less energy, make fewer mistakes, miss fewer opportunities, and make more money by better serving your clients when you have systems in place for each and every phase of your relationship with your peeps.

Sound good?  Yeah - I thought so!

Give it a listen. 🥰


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