Episode 83. Cleaning Your Digital House: How to Get Your Office in Order for a Fresh Start in the New Year

Be honest with me here. :)

How much time do you spend searching for files on your computer?

And how often do you have to recreate documents, letters or other content for clients in your practice?

Let’s face it. We live in a world where virtually everything we want, need or create is housed somewhere on our phones, tablets and computer.

But lord knows where. 🙄

If you can’t find the intake form or the self-regulation handout you need when you need it, well - that’s doesn’t help you much, does it?

So as part of our year-end wrap up, let’s do a little digital decluttering.

Let’s clean up your digital office, and make room for the good stuff you’re going to do in 2024.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • 5 specific steps you can take to tame the digital clutter now.
  • A simple hack for keeping the apps you use most often right at your fingertips.
  • The one system I use in EVERY online platform that has made finding virtually everything in my business so much easier. 

And more.

One cautionary note…

If you’re a spontaneous, living-in-the-moment, deeply intuitive and creative healer, you may find yourself resisting the whole idea of ‘organizing’ your digital life.

But don’t.

Cleaning up your computer, and getting systems in place that make it easier for you to function, is exactly what will free up your energy to do the kind of creative work you love so much.

And isn’t that what an Ideal Practice is all about?


Give it a listen.

P.S. If it feels like a drag to work through the 5 steps I’ve laid out here, just pick ONE and make yourself do that sometime in the next 2 weeks. Put it on your calendar. Go to the trouble. Free up your energy - and maybe, your money too!

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    • CLICK-UP: Project Management
    • DROPBOX: File Management
    • FLICKR: Photo Management
    • GOOGLE DRIVE: Office Suite
    • TRELLO: Project Management



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