Why You Should Be Using Events in Your Business

“Just mind blowing..”  My client shook her head as she stepped outside for a break.

We’d spent the morning looking at the whole of her business, mapping out a framework that tied it all together, and clarifying options for meeting her income goals. Though we were only half way through our day together, she already saw a clear path to the kind of money she wanted to make – and it was pretty exciting.

“You’ve said all this to me before, but I just couldn’t get it in my head. It really helps to see it in person…”

And that’s just one example of why events matter.  

And by “event”, I am talking about everything from a full blown crowd-sized conference – to a 1 day/1 person intensive. :)

Events offer a huge benefit to your business.

In a world driven by virtual relationships, where total strangers ask to be your “friend” every day, any experience that brings real people together in real time means more than ever.

Even though it’s easy to hide behind our computers, and lose ourselves in our phones, the truth is we crave connection.

So at their most basic, events add value for your existing clients. This is especially true if most of your work is done on line or by phone.

There’s just no substitute for the kind of learning and connection that happens when we’re working in a room together, so I build that in to my coaching programs, even for clients who are scattered across the country.

Last Friday, I spent the day hosting a VIP Strategy Day. This is where I spend an entire day working privately with a single business owner, helping them develop the mindset they need, while creating a clear strategy for moving forward on their most important business goals.

It’s pretty powerful. :)

But that’s just one example of how this can work.

You can design your events to fit exactly what you need, depending on the purpose and outcome you want to achieve.

For example, you could host a one hour workshop, a multi-day training, or even multi-week group. You could offer intensives (like a retreat), or something spread out (like a monthly support group.)

You could do a stand alone event (like a conference, or an open house) or offer a series (like the monthly adventures I used to lead).  You can do something small (serving an individual or a small group) or large (serving hundreds at a time).

And you can use events to make money.

In fact, events should always be a key part of your public relations strategy. They are a great way to build your reputation, grow your list and lead to referrals.

And they give potential clients a sample of what you have to offer, and a feeling for what it could be like to work with you.

In fact, some events offer a perfect platform for offering – and selling – other programs or a higher level of service.

Small exclusive events where clients have a high level of helpful, direct contact with you are a natural fit for a high ticket, premium offer.

More than once, I’ve made thousands off of single events, just because participants finally experienced how I could help, and wanted to invest in themselves by working with me at a deeper level.

Larger events with less personal contact, but great content, may be a lower level of investment for participants, but done right, can still be profitable.

In short, this is an idea worth considering for your business too – no matter what kind of work you do.

I’ve been creating events of one kind or another for years, in every business I’ve ever had.

I’ve used every single one of those types I shared earlier, and they all take a lot of work. But the reward is worth it.

Can you think of ways to use events in your business?

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